Monday, December 11, 2006

Holy Cow (and other mysteries)

Bev - yes, we are almost out for the holidays!!! Can you believe we've made it through our first semester!?!?!? :0)

WOW. Things are crazy as ususal. I hope to sit down and write ALOT over the holidays... we'll see if that happens or not. I love my kids at school. They are SOOOOOO awesome - it's the adults that are hard to deal with.

Speaking of kids, everyone and I mean EVERYONE has been asking us when we're going to have children... are you kidding!?!?! Mark's brother Toby even asked the other day.... good gravy people.

I love our new house and the dogs AND MOST especially - MY HUSBAND. He's fabulous. It's really kind of funny because I've never met anyone who makes me laugh like he does, who I feel myself around, who I can cry with, and who makes me SOOOOOO stinkin' mad. :0) It's great. I didn't know you could be so mad a someone and then make up and everything be o.k. (O.k., so I may be alittle strange, so sue me.)

I've posted some pics (because pictures really do say 1,000) words). We took our dynamic duo (i.e. the dogs) with us to my greatgrandmother's house at Thanksgiving. They stayed with us at the hotel in town. I had laryngitis for a week (I've NEVER had that before, it was so weird) and then got SICK as a dog off the medicine they gave me (NO MORE HYDROCODONE FOR ME). Anyhoo, we had a good road trip regardless and the dogs were great. They sat in their seatbelts like champs. Yes, we bought seat belts. I have visions of 50 pound dogs flying through us and the front wind shield in the event of a wreck... so seatbelts it was.

I seem to be struggling with a lot of stuff lately. Mostly churchy type things. I love doing children's worship with our church on Sunday... but other than that I just feel kind of pointless and unfamiliar. I know now why people don't convert easily. It's like being in another country - even when you do believe the same things.

Well, I love you guys (even though I'm terrible at keeping this up lately... I never seem to have much time for myself and when I do have time I crash.) Hope everything is going well for everyone. We're going to walk the dogs so I'll check everyone's blog later on...

Well, pics won't post so I'll try again later.