Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Valentine Tribute

'Twas the night before Valentine's and all through Walmart,
the masses were stirring - last minute shopping, no doubt.
The Beef and I waded through the crowds with great care,
knowing that check out would be more than a nightmare.
Candy hearts, chocolates and cards in disarray,
due to the late coming myriad today.
All this last minute Valentining leaves me frantic,
"Plan ahead, plan ahead!" was my cry most tantric.

"I just want some soup," I thought most frustrated,
procrastination makes this crowd seem too over rated.

Now we'll have to stand in line for 30 minutes!

"This is like Christmas!" Beef said in disbelief,
and we both stood in line feeling all too well the defeat.

We checked out our soup, chocolate and anti-freeze
and walked out of the store feeling much more at ease.
What is the moral of this little ditty?
"Those who wait to buy their Valentine gifts leave much to pitty."

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Shooting Blanks

If my ___________ got any more __________ I would be _________.

I have several words to fill those blanks myself... unfortunately I can't express any of them here now. But I would like to know what y'all would say... please, feel free to respond.

*"I've got sunshine on my shoulders"... I could probably ask for something more

Well, had surgery last week. My parents met Mark's parent's last weekend. All in all (despite last week being an emotional roller coaster) I'm good. Still taking prescription ibuprofen for inflamation and the occasional pain here and there. I know when it's time for more meds... that's for sure.

Been having weird dreams and nightmares by the dozens lately.

I'll post pics of Mark's churches shower soon. I haven't finished the roll and did not use the digital, so expect exitement in technicolor arriving next week.

Yeah. So now that I'm writing I feel it's kind of pointless. The things I have to say are mostly heavy today and am not sure I want to share. I guess that makes me seflish. I don't know.

You all have GREAT days and I'll be talking to you to you soon I think.

*some Gerschwin (SP?) song, I think "Who Could ask for Anything more?" not sure of the title.