Thursday, March 30, 2006

This rocks! I may have to change my name!!!

Your 1920's Name is:

George Maudie

Release the trap door, if you will

I think that Sales Reps think they're the exception to everything. They can't read a postage meter, they can't find a form that's on a shelf right in front of their face, they can't make the adqeate amount of calls in one day (they have to lie about their numbers so they don't get fired)... or maybe it's just our sales reps?

It's frustrating. Today I'm exceptionally tired of babysitting them. If they were 3 or 8 or 12, I wouldn't be so irritated because I would expect an individual of that age to need assistance.

I've been working on getting another job. I know I shouldn't complain... I'm not really complaining, just venting frustration. I have to vent somewhere (and this is the place to do so about most things) because I can't bring it home every day. That's no bueno. Anyway, contrary to popular belief I have been seeking new employment. God just hasn't revealed to me where or what that is yet. That's o.k. with me, I'm just tired of being bombarded with questions about it.

I'm not a slacker, I work hard, I try my hardest not to whine and complain (cause it drives me nuts when others do), I'm looking for another job... so cut me some slack folks. I know I'm not perfect. I know I make mistakes... HUGE mistakes even. However, I could use some slack today as opposed to the tightening of the noose.

Eating words

I have said before that I would rather be yelled at than have someone give me the silent treatment. I have since decided that I would rather not have either... but the silent treatment is better than harmful words any day due to the heavy impact words have on the heart. Tone of voice, inflection... all these play a role in the damage.

Of course a lot of the grief derives from the person saying the words. For instance, a co-workers duress might not seem as bad as from a close family member. You get my drift.

Anyway, just bored at work and thinking aloud.

The Priests

I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated by the Priest family (a family from my hometown) if you would pray fervently for them.

Three years ago yesterday, their son died. It was a strange situation. He was infected by some sort of bacteria or virus and died very quickly. They never really knew why. My brothers and parents knew this family because of their association with the Boy Scouts of America.

Yesterday, Mr. Priest arrived home (I'm sure with heavy things already on his mind) to find his wife dead. They are pretty sure it was suicide... I don't know any more details than that.

The idea that there are so many hurting people in the world has been heavy on my mind for several days now. There are people who are tormented daily by things we cannot (and I'm sure would not want to) see. I prayed so hard last night and this morning that there would be extra angels sent to comfort and protect Mr. Priest.

We are all in this war, these daily spiritual battles... the sad thing is most of us don't even realize it.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

CORN WEENIES??? Are you KIDDING me?!?!

Who doesn't know what a corn dog is? Real, red-blooded American have experienced and know the fabulousness that is a corn dog.

I brought 2 corn dogs for lunch today. I delicately placed them in the toaster oven here at BS, Inc. (seriously, that's our initials) and waited for the delectable aroma to waft into my office. However, before the aroma hit me something else did. It was the sound of a co-workers voice asking the hideous question,

"Are those corn weenies?"


This is your problem woman, you don't know what a corn dog is! Woe to you, who lacks knowledge in the arena of gourmet delicacies! Woe unto your children for their palates will not taste the fine cuisine that would be a corn dog!

Here you have it folks, the decline of Western society due to an ignorance in regard to corn dogs.

If my husband Mark were to run for president his mantra would be, "Corn dogs are the stamp of an American. Every house should have a box!"

And now, a tribute to corn dogs:

Crepe Paper Walls

I was thinking this morning on my commute to work that I am one who puts up walls. They're not the brick kind though and they only surface when I feel I've been betrayed or hurt in some way or another. They are not there 24/7.

I was speaking to a friend I've known since middle school this morning. She didn't come to the wedding. She gave me grief because she wasn't in the last one. I asked her (because I wanted her to be, not out of obligation) to be in this one. She calls me about two weeks before the big day and says she's not going to be able to make it. On top of that she had to say, "I've known for about two weeks, I just didn't want to tell you cause I figured you'd be mad."

Gee? You think I might be upset because you can't make it??? I wanted you to be there to share in something I'm excited about... to be excited with me!

I have another "friend" (oh, how loosely I use the term) who was also supposed to be a bridesmaid and she never called. I hadn't heard from her by Friday and of course, she didn't miraculously appear (as I'd so hoped) on Saturday. She still hasn't called. She lives with a guy who beats her and I was worred something terrible happened. I mean, I was worried I wouldn't ever be getting another call from her. I called the Houston police department, they were of no help. I had been leaving (and continue to leave) countless messages on her home and cell phones. I reached her mom the other day (luckily, I have her number) and she said that my friend was fine. She's not dead anyway. Her mom was suprised she hadn't called me to let me know she wasn't coming.

So, I had my four fabulous friends, two of who I can't even believe I'm so blessed to have them in my life... and Mark had his 6. It looked a little lopsided. Guess it's good I'm not a perfectionist (cause the pictures are going to look interesting I'm sure.)

Back to the wall discussion. I didn't think I was one who puts up walls. Like I stated previously, I don't put up brick walls. It's not like they're inpenitrible. But they just place me a little further away. They make things hazy... a little distant. They're crepe paper walls. Not strong at all, not as transparent as celophane. You can still hear me. We can still see each other's form. I can hear you... but it makes things difficult to decipher... just how I like it.

Crepe paper walls are easy to tear down. In fact it can be done in an instant if I so choose (which may make me seem a little bi-polar to some.) They're easily put up and easily taken down. This can be a good and a bad thing.

When my Crepe is up, I feel distanced and therefore don't say much or say things I shouldn't... so most of the time (to prevent further damage) I don't say much of anything. Some friends may be confused here, but let me clarify. Sometimes I'm silent because I have heavy thoughts on my mind and sometimes I'm silent because of a wall and those who know me know the difference.

Why do the walls come up? Why does anyone's? Because they're afraid of being hurt again. Putting up a wall protects me. I feel that I have given alot to alot of people in my life so far and haven't received much from them. I know it's not all about receiving, this is in no way my point. I am merely stating that in relationships there must be give and take from both parties involved or resentment can build quickly.

Anyway, just thinking out loud this morning.

I feel I am never who I should be, never making any headway.

Just thinking outloud...

Friday, March 24, 2006

I love March Madness & other quips

So, did any of you see the LSU/Duke game last night???? Holy cow! How many free throws can a team score in 9 seconds. That was insane. Duke TOTALLY lost it... they lost their cool and the consequence was the game.

When they took Reddick out with 9 seconds left in the game (to a standing ovation) it was really emotional. Gosh... you KNOW he had DREAMED of cutting down the net. Dang.

I don't have a bracket, I've just been watching the games. But they are all really intense. Like the A&M/Syracuse game. Wow. That was a killer.

Anyhoo... I've always loved college sports (never been much of a NBA or NFL kinda gal) but never kept up with it like this (that's largely.. ok ALL because of my fabulous husband, Mark).

I love March Madness (and the name make so much more sense now that I'm partaking in the madness of it all).

On another note, I know some wives complain about their husbands always watching sports but I'm thankful mine does. He is not a yelling, insane, upset for three days madman when his team does not win - that helps our situation out a lot. :) However, he could be watching a whole lot of other things - things I don't want him watching. So I'm grateful. Besides, I enjoy knowing somethings gives him such pleasure. And if I have a question regarding a ref call or something, it is much better to ask at an opportune time, then we're both happy. I have a better understanding and he doesn't feel as if I'm badgering him to death. At least, I don't think so... hmmm, I should ask him about that! God has blessed me (for reasons I will never understand) with an absolutely amazing husband. This is only one of the many arenas that Mark is a most wonderful man.

One last thing, it makes me CRAZY when you're at a stoplight and immediately after the light turns green the person behind you LAYS on the horn like you've sat there for 10 minutes. Good grief people, that's ridiculous.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mystery Meet

These are the pics from Mark and I's "Mystery Meet."

My girlfriends are: Bekah, Ronica, Lori, me, Cryss & Bonnie.

The guys: David, Jonathan, & Mark.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bridal Portraits

Celebrate good times... come on!!! (third verse)

These are pics from the rehearsal dinner and Mark and I's "Mystery Meet" we hosted for our out of town friends so we could all meet each other and hang out!

The rehearsal was just that - and that's all I'm going to say.

The Mystery Meet was supposed to be at a skating rink. But there were complications, we got there (45 minutes late) and found out that for the last 30 minutes the rink was open they have a "dance." Well, we got in half price and didn't skate (or dance). Anyhoo, we decided since that was a total flop we'd go to Whataburger and chill. It was a good time...

Ok so the pics from the Mystery Meet will be on the next post. Blogger is driving me nuts!

Celebrate good times... come on!!! (second verse)

My girlfriends!

Mom and me!!!

Me and the mammas (but where are the pappas?)

The Great Beef, our Mom & Killjoy

This pic cracks me up because it looks like Mark has a halo!!

My new family!!

Kayleigh, me and Jaitlyn - my flower girls!

Celebrate good times... come on!!! (first verse)

Monday, March 20, 2006

Hee Haw

Need I say more?

"Civilians" clothes? And it's not even worth commenting on Paris...

Back to Life, Back to Reality*

Well folks, I'm back in the saddle again so to speak (no, I have not taken up barrel racing in the last month: no worries.)

Well, alot's happened since February 14th. I'll give you the run down:

Uh... well. Like I said, alot has happened. Hmmm... this entry is turning out to be more complicated than I thought. Work and personal life (doesn't that include everything?) were both running 90 to nothing for since February. We had the Fort Worth Bridal Show and I found a veil (this may not sound like a big deal, but it was!) Weather was off and on, good then bad for about a month which inhibited bridal portraits (which I was worried about having anyway.) I did end up getting them taken on a beautiful day at the Dallas Arboretum.

Got all the flowers finished (yes, I did my own). Got the boutineres (sp?) and coursages done... nearly went insane moving from Irving to Rowlett... missed my aunt Virda alot. Thought alot about mother-in -laws...

Most of my family was there so that was great... and I must add that my bro's were looking pretty handsome in their "pimpalicious" (so deemed by the Great Beef) shirts and ties. Mom was beautiful as ever and so happy. We were all SO happy!! It was great.

The rehearsal dinner proved to be the worst part of the week I think. The actual wedding day was great. No stress. Just happy to be getting married!!

I have pics of the honeymoon... they're just not developed yet so I don't have digital copies. As soon as I get them I'll post a full presentation with details and photos!! In the meantime, I'll post a few of my bridal pics. Or maybe not cause they WON'T POST!!!! Ug.

Anyway, just wanted y'all to know that I'm alive and well and HAPPY TO BE Mrs. Williams!!!!!

*song by En Vogue