Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Sometimes at work I go sit in the bathroom just to get away from my desk. It's the only room in the office that isn't white... it's liliac with black and white flower pics. It's just nice to get away from everything.

Sometimes you need to do something drastic - like chop off 7 inches of hair!

Sometimes you just need to cry... like last night (we BOTH cried) when we were tired, upset about the church we're at (you find out alot about things in a "leader meeting"), and completely overwhelmed with the thought of money and the months ahead.

I love my husband. He is sooooooooooooooo fabulous.

I got to work at 7:15 am this morning cause I took Mark to the bus barn, then came straight here. We don't have the cash for gas this week so we're going to work together. I'm picking him up at 4:30. This works out great cause now our schedules will be the same, we'll get to see each other more and we save money on gas!! How much greater can life get???

I miss Sydney, but we're working on the remedy for that.

My boss promises alot. She breaks alot of promises too.

I'm now officially a part-time sales rep. I have the opportunity to make more money and that's a blessing.

I've decided to go to grad school. Yeah. Crazy, but I'm making no money and I'm tired of the mindless monotony that is my work.


KillJoy said...

Good luck sis! Luv ya and my new bro-in-law!

frustratedwriter said...

you can make it happen. i sent you an email. did you get it?

rambouillet said...

Killjoy - thanks bro... I'll give Mizark the message

Writer - yes, I just haven't had time to reply!!